LitCraft Wiki

Nysperience Roadmap

As of October 2021, the game is in the beta stage of release. The production version is slated to be released by the end of the year.

Infrastructure Roadmap

  • Business expansion (Est. Q4/21).
  • Ability to rent mining / farming land plots.
  • New types of businesses.
  • Marketplace for trading NFTs (Est. Q4/21).
  • Evaluate a Uniswap integration (Est. Q4/21).

Community Roadmap

  • Improved task system (Est. Q2/22).
  • Challenges & events.
  • Real-world MMO mechanics; implement community tasks with real-world interactions in order to earn.
  • Chat system (Est. Q1/22).
  • Leaderboards (Est. Q1/22).
  • Achievements (Est. Q1/22).

Games Roadmap

  • A building / creation module that allows you to create & populate your own land with your own designs (Est. Q1/22).
  • Metaverse integration, including virtual reality and augmented reality gameplay (Est. Q3/22).
  • Integration with the broader LitCraft universe, allowing users to step into the magical Lit world (Est. Q3/22).
  • Additional games and genres that integrate with the LitCraft universe, enabled by our team’s licensing expertise in the video games industry.