LitCraft Wiki


Basic FAQs

Q) How do I download the DevvX app?

A) Details on the DevvX app are located here

Q) Where are the basic FAQs on how to download Nysperience, how to play the game etc?

A) Details on the basic FAQs are available here

Q) I have a Suggestion to improve the Wiki, what should I do?

A) Please find a link to our suggestions page here

Buying and technical FAQs

Q) Where are the Epic Land or EPIC LitPet Chest buying and technical FAQs?

A) Please note all information on buying and technical aspects of the game are available here. You can buy Epic Land or EPIC LitPet Chest on our marketplace

Bug related FAQs

Q) How do I find out about known bugs and where do I report a bug or improvement request?

A) Please note known bugs are documented here and please report in the official Telegram group here

Game Specific FAQs - Pets and Epic LitPets

Q) Where are Game Specific FAQs located?

A) Details on the regularly asked questions on the games are located here and information on the mini-games is available here

Land and Epic Land Chest related FAQs

Q) Where are Land related FAQs?

A) You can find regularly updated FAQs on Land here

Business related FAQs

Q) How do I find information on the businesses in the game?

A) This is available here

Generic game FAQs

Q) Where are generic game FAQs?

A) You can find a regularly updated generic game FAQs here

All LitCraft Account Login FAQs

Q) So many Accounts! Which Account should I use to login to LitCraft Game?

A) You can find login related FAQs here

KYC Concerns FAQs

Q) Where do I find details on how to KYC?

A) A walkthrough of the KYC process is located here

Q) I want to sell my Epic Land and LitPets, do I need to complete KYC and Why?

A) You can find KYC related FAQs here