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  • There are 236 unique LitPets.
  • LitPets make your businesses more profitable and your battles more competitive, both of which increase your earning potential.
  • Because they help you to earn more Heptals, and Heptals can be used to create valuable items or can be sold directly, high level Land and LitPets can become very valuable.
  • All Genesis LitPets are EPIC level which means they have a power level of 7 which is the highest power level. Genesis LitPets also have better characteristics, which let you earn more revenue with businesses- for example strength, charisma etc.
  • All LitPets will have characteristics (back side of the card) that range from 1-100 which help increase revenue for a Nysperience business. Characteristics and power are separate. A retail location will emphasize charisma while mining will emphasize strength, for example. Epic LitPets will have higher level characteristics across the board.
  • LitPets are created on-chain using a genetic algorithm smart contract; spending more Heptals (our in-game currency) to create a LitPet can significantly increase its chance of being high-powered.
  • In general, LitPets will be 3x more effective at creating revenue. LitPets can be used to increase your revenue in passive income.
  • You can earn more with a competitive Heptone deck. LitPets with Power Levels from 2-6 get a linear bonus, but Level 7 will be a much higher bonus than level 6. Epic LitPets will be used to create the most powerful decks.
  • There will be LitPets that aren't good for battle that are great for businesses, which also means when you craft them, you can have a better chance for getting something of value.
  • LitPets help you earn in battles (Heptones).

Pets versus LitPets

There are Pets and there are LitPets. Both of them have different utility in the game.    


  • Pets are those crafted from a blue Pet Egg (which can be found from mining the beginning plot of land) and together with a magic symbol (based on the 7 branches of magic).    
    • The Magic symbol can be obtained from the minigame which looks like a red rotating gem.  
  • When a Pet is crafted, both the blue Pet Egg and Magic symbol are consumed in the process.    
    • The higher the level of magic used in this process, the higher the Total Power of Pets crafted.    
      • For example, when the most basic red magic is used, the Total Power of the Pet crafted will be 5.  
      • Click on the Pet in your inventory to see their stats.  
  • When crafted with white Magic, which is the highest level of magic, a Pet will have a Total Power of 50.    
    • Players may choose to increase their Pet's Total Power further by another 50, by crafting them with the following items:  
      • Hat, Ornate Clothing, Medicine, Food, House - to increase their Total Power up to a maximum of 100.  
  • To unlock more different kinds of Pets, players will need to mix and match Pets with other specific Pets as described along the same axis that is seen in the big Relational Web Diagram of the information tab of the Crafting Station.    
    • Pets will be consumed in this process, until it hits the max evolutionary pathway.
    • The final Total Power of the child Pet crafted is taken from the average Total Power of its two Parents.  
  • Besides using Pets to unlock other type of Pets, Pets are also used in the process to create Artifacts from mined components. This is also described in the big Relational Web Diagram.    
    • In this utility, the Pets are not consumed in the process.  
  • Another important utility of Pets is to increase your Digging Tool level, from level 9 up to a maximum of 20.    
    • The game tutorials will guide you through this process, whereby you will be required to use specific type of Pets and craft them together with the Pickaxe and Redgems obtained from the mini-games.  
    • The Pets that help are as follows:    
      •  A Total Power 50 Scorponica (+1 to Tool level).  
      •  A Total Power 50 Crancickel (+1 to Tool level).  
      •  A Total Power 50 Smirker (+1 to Tool level).  
      •  A Total Power 50 Markner (+1 to Tool level).  
      •  A Total Power 50 Treamp (+1 to Tool level).  
      •  A Total Power 100 Binja (+2 to Tool level, or +1 if Total Power 99 and below is used),  
      •  A Total Power 100 Undergrunt (+2 to Tool level, or +1 if Total Power 99 and below is used),  
      •  A Total Power 100 Gemnico (+2 to Tool level, or +1 if Total Power 99 and below is used),    


  • LitPets differ by the main fact that they are used to Battle in Heptones, whereas Pets cannot.    
  • LitPets also differ by the fact that they are crafted from 2 Pets, 2 food containers, a Magic symbol, a LitPet token and either 50, 500 or no Heptals.    
    • During LitPet crafting, only the 2 parent Pets are not consumed in the process.  
    • When zero Heptals are used, the LitPet crafted will have low quality stats <20, cannot be traded and can only be used in the player's Local Heptone Deck.  
    • When 50 Heptals are consumed, the LitPet crafted will have low quality stats of exactly 20, but can be traded on the marketplace.  
    • When 500 Heptals are consumed, the LitPet crafted will have high quality stats >20 and can be traded on the marketplace.  
      • In addition, there is a small chance (1%) that LitPet crafted may be a level 7 (Epic) LitPet.  
        • However, do note that this level 7 (Epic) LitPet will not have the same level characteristics of those Genesis LitPets purchased through the original launch sale.
  • LitPets have a different portrait look than Pets.    
    • Click on the LitPet in your inventory. On the front, you can see your LitPet's skills and stats with regard to to Heptone Battles.  
    • Click on the arrows on the right side and this will flip the card behind to see the LitPets stats / Mastery Levels that are associated with the various Business Bonuses for the shops.  
      • Genesis Epic LitPets that are either Silver, Gold or Diamond will have unique looks compared to the other Epic LitPets, and also at least 1 Mastery (max of 100 of a stat).  
  • Another utility of a LitPet is its ability to boost businesses through Bonuses.    
    • There are currently 2 factors in association to providing Bonuses to a shop.  
    • The first factor is the type of characteristic, such as Strength, Charisma, etc.  
      • Each type represents a boost to a specific business type. For example Strength grants bonuses to the Mining shop, whereas Charisma grants bonuses to the Retail shop.  
    • The second factor is the value of each type of characteristic.  
      • Bonuses to a shop is currently tiered by the following values:  
        • 1 - 20 = 1.03x (unconfirmed)
        • >20 - 50 = 1.1x
        • >50 - 90 = 1.3x
        • >90 = 1.5x
        • 100 = ??? (unconfirmed)

If I can’t afford to purchase a LitPet, can I craft one?

Yes, you can! 50 heptals is enough to craft a LitPet you can sell, but it won’t be as valuable as those crafted with higher numbers of heptals. The math works out that you should spend 500 heptals if you want to have a chance at a valuable LitPet. Using 50 will almost always be a level 2. Spending 500 has a Gaussian distribution. There is about a 1% chance of crafting an Epic level 7 LitPet.

Determining the Release Level of a crafted LitPet

Below is a recap of crafting a LitPet. There are several factors in play to consider.

  1. Parental Pets used.
  2. Colour of Magic used.
  3. Branch of Magic (or Magic Symbol) used [future implementation]

[Parental Pets]

For each pair of parental Pets used, the game has an algorithm behind the scenes that predetermines the possibilities of which LitPet out of that pool of LitPets generated, can be created. Next, behind the scenes when a LitPet is chosen, #2 - [Colour of Magic] comes into play.

[Colour of Magic]

The game then uses the provided colour of the Magic during crafting to determine the Release Level of your LitPet. Generally it follows the guideline below:

  • Red Magic = Release Level 1 LitPet
  • Orange Magic = Release Level 2 LitPet
  • Yellow Magic = Release Level 3 LitPet
  • Green Magic = Release Level 4 LitPet
  • Blue Magic = Release Level 5 LitPet
  • Purple Magic = Release Level 6 LitPet
  • White Magic = Release Level 7 LitPet

However because each different type of LitPet will have their own minimum and maximum Levels in the game, the final Release Level of your crafted LitPet will be adjusted based on the type of LitPet the game has chosen for you at the very beginning at #1. For example, IF you are lucky and the cross of your 2 Parental Pets result in a High Tier Dragon LitPet chosen for birth, AND even though a Red Magic is used, just because your LitPet is a Dragon with a minimum Release Level of 5 in the game, you will receive a Release Level 5 LitPet instead of an expected Release Level 1 LitPet.

[Branch of Magic]

This also refers to the Magic Symbol. The branch of Magic used in the craft will eventually (in the future) allow some abilities to be 'pulled' more frequently than not, from the locus within the Heptagen, to make them more likely to be bestowed upon the LitPet crafted. Right now this branch feature is not available in the Beta.