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Tool crafting

Pickaxe Minigame.jpg

This minigame is played to craft Pickaxes. The higher level Pickaxe you manage to craft, the quicker you will be able to mine once you combine it with a Red Gem on the crafting table.

Slide tiles by touching anywhere on the grid and swiping in the direction you want all of the tiles to move. All of the tiles will ‘fall’ in that direction until they hit a side or another tile. Any tile that slides into a tile of the same type will combine into a higher level tile.

Be careful you don’t run out of space with no other moves, as that means the game is over. At any time, you can hit the ‘Collect’ button, which will take the highest level tool on the grid and add it into your inventory.

Pickaxe level12.png

Gem Crafting


This minigame is played to craft Red Gems. The higher level Red Gem you manage to craft, the quicker you will be able to mine once you combine it with a Pickaxe on the crafting table.

In order to craft magical gems, you first have to mine Raw Gems. Then take the Red Gems you mind and put them into the Red Gem Feeder.

Click anywhere on the game grid to place the Gem currently in queue. Get any three tiles of the same kind in a row or an ‘L’ to combine them into a higher level gem. Hit the ‘Collect’ button to collect your highest level Gem on the board into your inventory.

Fruit Gathering

Fruit Gathering minigame.jpg

This minigame is played to gather fruit, which you can use to feed your pets.


Touch any fruit that is directly next to another fruit of the same kind to collect it into your inventory. You can collect large groups of fruit if they are all touching (not including diagonals). The more fruit that is touching in a group, the bigger your bonus, so it can be a good strategy to avoid on kind of fruit until a big pop at the end. Clear entire rows of fruit for bonuses.

Magic (Heptavita)

Magic Crafting.jpg

There are 2 objectives of this minigame.

First and foremost, this minigame is mainly played to create different types of magic. Magic can be combined with a pet egg on the crafting table to create pets. The higher level magic you use, the more powerful your pet will be. There are 7 branches of magic, one for each corner of the magical heptagen.

In this game you have to draw two magic tiles of the same kind together to make more powerful magic. Different levels of magic have different colours, with red being the weakest and white being the strongest. There are 7 levels in total.

All magic stones.jpg

The second purpose of this minigame is to combine different types of magic to create different types of coins, this only works with the red magic tiles. Not all combinations work, so try many different coins together including coins on other coins.

You can select the Magic Emitter (the blue sphere) and press the magic button to create magic tiles. New tiles originate from it, and can be moved. Select the ‘All’ button in the top window to see which items you have discovered. From the All panel you can create new coins directly. Select the trash button to delete items.

Future utility for these coins are for the making of NFTs in the future for community badges.

Background info: This game is called the Heptavita, which young Lit children play to learn about creation. The coins tell a deep metaphysical story.

Crops (Slide Gameplay)

Crops pic.jpg

This minigame is played to gather goods like textiles and also to combine with other food ingredients and spices.


Slide over tiles of the same type to make a chain to collect them. You can drag across any two tiles that are touching, including using diagonals. Minimally 3 tiles must be connected in order to collect them. You can create Specials by starting and ending on the same tile, making a loop. Double tap or slide a special to activate its ability.

Merge 3

Merge 3.jpg

The ultimate goal of the Merge 3 game is to merge sets of 3 items into the next level of the item so that they can eventually collect high level equipment to sell at the shops. If a player merges 5 items of the same kind that are all touching each other, you will get a bonus item (2 instead of just 1 item). To merge items, drag and drop an item onto a matching set of 2 or more contiguous tiles.

Here are the concepts of the game.

  1. Item Emitters: Emitters are like generators that require fuel to produce items to merge. At the start, the map contains an Energy Rail Emitter that is powered on the Land's energy resource to produce a tile/item. Click on the purple Energy Rail Emitter and click on the circle energy button to release new tiles.
  2. Extract Energy from Lands: The starting area of the map contains land that produces Energy. These collectable energy resources are represented in a round circle with numbers and an icon. Collect your energy from specific locations. Once the energy is collected, a blue bar will appear and continuously shrink with the passage of time. When the blue bar completely disappears, the energy on the land is replenished and you can collect that again.
    Collect land energy.jpg
  3. Unlock Land: A player starts the game with most of the Land locked and only operate within a specific location. Land can be unlocked by using up land purchase points that look like land deeds. Collect Runestones to increase your land purchase points. The higher the level of Runestones collected, the more land purchase points will be obtained. Runestones can be obtained by merging level 4 chests and keys. Collect land points.jpg Use land points.jpg
  4. Collect New Equipment: Expand your land and different categories of collectable equipment by unlocking New Castles to obtain Emitters of their respective kind. All mergeable categories of items are as follows:
    Merge 3 collectables.jpg
    1. Land (Key / Chest / Runestone)
    2. Rewards (Coins / Chest Award / Bag - provide awards)
    3. Books (boost equipment shop sales)
    4. Potions (drop them on Emitters for more energy)
    5. Mushrooms (drop them on Energy Rails for more energy)
    6. Amulets (sellable equipment)
    7. Staves (sellable equipment)
    8. Swords (sellable equipment)
    9. Wands (sellable equipment)
    10. Rings (sellable equipment)

Farming (Match 3 Gameplay)

Farm Pic.jpg

This minigame is played to gather base crop for mage food like Pab or other various Pabations.


Slide tiles right, left, up or down to move them and make matches. Match 3 tiles of the same type to collect them. Match larger groups of tiles to create of break special tiles. Slide a special tile to activate its ability.