LitCraft Wiki

Initial Walkthrough - This is a breakdown of a YouTube video available at

When you start the game you enter a Minecraft type environment. Follow the instructions in figure 1

The items you dig out go onto your inventory. Your Use Bar allows you to move items between inventory panels


As shown the goal of the game is to earn Heptals


The game basically shows you different tasks and these show you how to play the game


The first task to do is to go and mine a Red Gem, so go to the Mining page and dig until you collect a Red Gem.


You dig until you find a Red Gem and then the blue morning bar will fill


Once a Red Gem has been mined you have completed that task


Returning to the Home Screen shows this has been completed


It is always worthwhile creating a DevvX account early so all your items are stored on the blockchain Once you have collected the Red gem, the next task is to collect 8 more


So you have to dig around to find the others


A lot of the Gameplay is digging around looking for other materials - you can always see the items you have dug out by going to the inventory - this is stored on the blockchain.


Once you have collected all the Red Gems you click on collect - the next task is to buy some Red Gems. You go to inventory and click on the required number of Red Gems and then the buy button.


Then decide whether to buy


The next task shown is to craft a level 4 pickaxe, but there’s a mini game to play


In order to play the mini-games you need to click on a specific button


Once you have clicked on the pickaxe as shown above it brings you to this screen, simply follow the instructions.


The tool crafting game is this screen, you need to slide matching tools into each other. You are aiming to get to level 4. Once you have completed the task you need to collect your rewards.


The next task (to craft a level 3 red gem) is shown In the current tasks. In order to craft this you need to go to the following


Once you click on the diamond icon - this brings you to this screen, so follow the instructions


You move the Gems as described below


Then collect your rewards. This leads to an improving mining level


Going to the crafting page lets you craft lots of different items together - this allows you to increase your tool level


The next challenge is to find iron ore. This involves replicating in effect what you did with finding Red Gems, i.e. by digging for them.


The next task requires you to visit the Crafting Guide. To visit the crafting guide please click on the info icon

6BF71E50-5BED-4428-874E-0011F23DE1F6 .jpg

The crafting guide shows you how to craft lots of items. The grid shows the various combinations that can be creating within LitCraft Nysperience


The next task is to craft fire. In order to craft fire, you need to follow the following instructions


To obtain coal, you need to replicate the previous digging as per Red Gems and iron Ore. You need to repeat the previous steps of bringing the coal into your use bar, and craft the coal into fire.


The next task is to craft steel. Please note some items have to be next to each other to be crafted. If it like this it will not work.


But like this it will craft. This will create iron, which needs to be added to your use bar


The next task is to craft steel sticks


Then please follow instructions


This will involve replicating previous actions. If you struggle to find things, you can buy them using Mobium. Once you have crafted steel sticks you are then able to progress to the next stage of the game in effect, where there are more mining opportunities. Or you can look at different challenges.