LitCraft Wiki

Game Economy


  • Anyone can start playing to earn with no upfront costs.
  • Heptals, the in-game currency, will be distributed through Play-to-Earn activities (Player v Player (PvP) or virtual businesses) and will not be sold on an ongoing basis.
  • Whilst the current focus is on Heptals, there are plans to develop a  LitCraft cryptocurrency for the future, called Quint.
  • Quint is the currency that the Lit (mages) use in the LitCraft universe. Heptals are like SLP in Axie and Quint is (will be) like AXS.
  • Unique NFTs can be created within the platform. These can be extremely important in creating a powerful LitPet team or valuable businesses, which can in turn increase your earnings.
  • A marketplace is in the process of being developed, which allows people to convert their game earnings into real world sales and will be a place where you can sell fungible and non-fungible (NFT) items. You'll simply list a price and mark it for sale and it will show up in the marketplace search. You'll also describe what payments you accept. When a user buys it you'll get paid. Users can buy in crypto, paypal, usd etc just like the website now.
  • LitPets, Land, and items will all have their own unique value.
  • Businesses drive supply and demand curves among each other.
  • Some businesses require real-life business mechanics such as business registration, cost of goods sold, marketing, IP protection, and more.
  • The value of Heptals is driven by supply (players earn Heptals by participating in Heptone battles or developing virtual businesses) and demand (crafting LitPets requires using Heptals). This balance will be carefully observed and adjusted if needed to ensure the economy’s health.

Launch sale

What is Offered During the Launch Sale?

  • There are two items for sale: LitPet Chests, which contain a random Epic Genesis LitPet, and Nysperience Land Chests, which contain a random Epic Genesis Land Lot.
  • Of the 7,000 Epic Genesis LitPet’s, 5,000 will be sold in chests, 1,000 by presale and 4,000 for the public sale in tranches (500 will be used for rewards and the remainder for future use by LitCraft). All Epic Genesis LitPets are guaranteed to be the maximum level, 7.
  • There will be 25,000 Nysperience Land lots in total, 19,500 of which will be sold, one in each chest. Of the 25,000 lots, 500 will be for rewards, 5,000 will be reserved for future use in the game. 19,500 will be sold – 6 tranches of 3,250 each with increasing prices for each traunch; All chests are guaranteed the maximum level, 7.

Why are Genesis LitPets and Land Lots Valuable?

  • The items for sale now will always be the most rare and most valuable items in the game. LitPets and Nysperience Land are unique. They will hold value because of their uniqueness in the community. No Epic Genesis LitPets or Epic Genesis Land Lots (Level 7) will ever be minted again.
  • Certain Epic Genesis LitPets will have increased characteristics and will be classified as either Silver (20% chance), Gold (5% chance), or Diamond (1% chance). These Epic Genesis LitPets will provide the biggest bonuses for creating revenue. Each will have at least one Mastery Level characteristic (i.e. a value of 100, the maximum) and will respectively have additional Mastery Level characteristics with each tier increase. Mastery Level characteristics also give a non-linear bonus.
  • LitPets and Land are fundamentally tools to generate Heptals, which can be used to create items sold on the DevvX marketplace. So, you can earn real world money from your game activities!


  • Land helps to create revenue in the game. All of the Land chests that can be purchased will be Epic level 7, and as mentioned no other level 7 will be created again.
  • Land will allow you to have a location to build 3D houses and structures. In addition, the earliest purchasers can choose lots in the 3D virtual world.
  • You can use your land in your business and increase your revenue, but you can also lease out the land that you are not using yourself, and get passive income, so the more land you own, the more value you will get. For example, you can lease your Epic Mining Land Lot to others to mine, and you can collect royalties. Please note that mining land refreshes every 2 days.
  • An Epic level land plot will give a significant revenue bonus for the given business (farming land for farming businesses, mining land for mining businesses, and retail land for retail businesses).
  • Finally, land will also have a Purchase Number as each lot is sold. The earlier the purchase number, the earlier the choice of prime locations in the Nysperience 3D virtual world. As towns are laid out and physical locations within the towns are revealed, early land purchasers will be able to choose the best locations to put their own houses and businesses (or stores) they create.
  • Obviously as part of the overarching strategy, consideration needs to be given as to how to effectively implement land. For example, retail lands will be best in towns, which will be laid out into plots. Farms and Mining will be good to choose locations that are close to town epicenters for transportation costs on materials. There will probably be some geographic benefits as well, for example being able to create minecraft-like homes in the mining categories.
  • Please remember that runestones unlock additional land. If you unlock land that has one of those locks, you'll open up more energy sources

More details on Launch Sale

  • In general for the active play the pets and Land are designed to bring in revenue proportional to their cost.
  • You don’t need a pet for every Land.
  • LitPets and Land increase your earnings, and you don't have to be a gamer to gather value from LitPets or Nysperience Land. You can earn passive income by leasing your land and increase revenue on passive income with LitPets.
  • You can use Land to increase your revenue in businesses. You can also lease your Land and people leasing it will get better results in their own gameplay and give you royalties. For a mining business, for example, you can use your own Land to increase your mining profits on a given day. That is active use. You can also lease it, which is passive use. If you lease it, someone else can mine your land and get more materials than they get on the default land, so it is a better use of their time, and you get a percentage of what they create. Land will have value both actively and passively. It is win-win, as even for the miners leasing the land, the land will be richer even including the royalty
  • If you are mainly focused on passive income, consider purchasing land. You can create passive revenue without LitPets but you can't create passive income without Land.
  • LitPets will have scarcity value as well, and could increase your revenue on your passive income.


  • In the game there are all sorts of different types of assets you can create. You can craft items for many different types of businesses, and others who need those items will create demand for them. For example Farmers can gather food crops. Food crops can be made into base food elements. Those base food elements will be able to be made into end user foods like burgers, pizza, and tacos. Then those can be sold in a restaurant business. There is a vision of creating a robust virtual economy developing in the Nysperience world, where there is supply and demand for hundreds of different types of items. All of those items can be used to generate revenue.
  • Everything created in the game will be sellable on the marketplace, including the game currency Heptals.
  • There will be the opportunity for dozens or even hundreds of new businesses to be developed.
  • Businesses mirror real-life businesses in that there are expenses and revenue, and the goal is to maximize profit
  • LitPets increase the revenue in any given business, and are also used for Heptones, so fundamentally Pets and LitPets are revenue-generation tools.
  • Businesses represent many different types of gameplay where players can Play-to-Earn.
  • Businesses are more profitable with LitPets that have strong characteristics that suit the business. So, for example, a LitPet that isn't good for battling can be good for a business, and a LitPet that is not good for one business will be good for other businesses.
  • The LitPet is locked for the time that it is used in the business