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Nysperience uses Devvio’s state-of-the-art blockchain platform, called DevvX. Originally developed in 2018 as a means for Devvio’s internal team to test the blockchain’s performance, Nysperience was released publicly in 2021 as a play-to-earn game.

Devvio does not provide a traditional whitepaper, as the company’s approach differs from most of the crypto space. Please visit or view the interactive deck linked here for more information:

Core Team

Tom Anderson, CEO - Founder:

Tom Anderson.webp

Tom is an experienced entrepreneur. His first technology startup created the world’s first 3D touch consumer device. He raised over $34 million in venture capital, licensed tens of millions of dollars of game development, got national distribution on his products and took the company public. The IP was sold to Facebook.

Ray Quintana, Global President:

Ray Quintana.webp

Before joining Devvio. Ray spent 8 years as a General Partner and Head of European and Corporate Operations for one of the top performing early stage venture capital funds in the USA. He has more than 20 years of experience in global technology investment, corporate strategy, company building, valuation and strategic financing.

Will Stewart, Executive Advisor:

Will Steward.webp

Will started his high-tech career at NEC Corporation. He then became an Early Stage Technology Venture Capitalist, was a Board Director at over 100 early stage technology companies the past 28 years, was a Co-founder/Managing Director to 5 Early-Stage Venture Capital Funds and 2 Venture Debt Funds. He has invested more than $5B in tech investments.

Mike DiPetrillo, Chief Revenue Officer:

Mike DiPetrillo.webp

Mike DiPetrillo has been taking emerging technologies to market his entire 25+ year career. At VMware Mike led the growth of the company's Blockchain efforts growing it from a team of two researchers in 2015 into one of the largest enterprise blockchain efforts in the world.

Sunny Trinh, Chief Digital Alchemist:

Sunny Trinh.webp

Sunny Trinh was the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Avnet, a Fortune 500 technology company. He lead innovation for the Americas, helping the company expand into new markets and verticals. With more than 25 years in the electronics industry, he has helped numerous companies move their ideas to production and revenue.

Nick Williams, VP Software:

Nick Williams.webp

Nick is an expert developer in the fields of cryptology and systems design. After receiving degrees in math and business from MIT, Nick spent over 10 years managing software development teams for a number of telcos and startups.

Bill Anderson, CTO:

Bill Anderson.webp

Bill has over 17 years of experience in high tech industries. He graduated from University of New Mexico in Electrical Engineering, and subsequently received his MS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.

Lieutenant General (Ret) Vincent Stewart

Vincent Stewart.webp

Vince is arguably one of the most senior cybersecurity leaders in the world. He served as the Deputy Commander US Cyber Command and was the 20th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He retired from the U.S. Marine Corps as a 3-Star General after more than 38 years of active commissioned service.

Gerald Grafe, IP Counsel:

Gerald Grafe.webp

Gerald has over 30 years experience working with computer technology and intellectual property. He served as patent/legal counsel to numerous companies, helping raise over $150 million in both funding and licensing.

DevvX including details of DevvX FAQs

DevvX is the blockchain protocol developed by Devvio’s team. It is scalable up to over 8 million TPS at a fraction of the cost of Ethereum. The DevvX platform is a regulatory compliant blockchain framework for managing token launches, asset registries, user identities, and exchange capabilities. DevvX transfers and maintains the value of assets, records, cryptocurrencies, tokens, payments and NFTs.

This level of throughput is achieved by a unique, patented sharding solution that allows for the creation of unlimited independent networks. These networks, or shards, represent the most flexible blockchain solution in existence. They work in unison and can be easily customized across any regulatory, geographical, or government requirements. Each independent DevvShard network maintains its own blockchain, while transactions between shards are communicated through a single blockchain network called the T1 network.

Devvio can create any number of shards that can be custom designed for a given application. Each shard can have its own governance. DevvX broadly is a permissioned public chain. That means that transactions are viewable and auditable for creating trust. A given shard has validators that can run it. This is the best type of governance approach for enterprise customers which have been the company’s focus. The blockchain is immutable and transactions are time-ordered for solving the double-spend problem. In terms of a pure crypto philosophy, the largest portion of the blockchain that runs Devvio’s ESG data will be permissionless eventually, which is the best way to reach the overall end goal people have looked for.

With its high throughput the DevvX blockchain provides the perfect infrastructure for running a play-to-earn game. Items crafted and gathered within the Nysperience game are stored on the blockchain. This means that the items that users have in their account are actually their digital property, represented by NFT’s in their DevvX wallet.

For FAQs on DevvX, please click here


DevvE is Devvio’s upcoming token focused on the company’s environmental, social & governance (ESG) goals. Due to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, Devvio cannot share detailed information on DevvE token sales publicly. The DevvX app is the source of all information regarding this topic. For more information on the DevvX app, and to stay up to date on the latest announcements, join the company’s Telegram channels and